About Genie Consulting


Genie Consulting is the One-Stop-Shop for all your educational needs!



“At Genie Consulting, we empower international students to study abroad and pursue their dream education experience in the United States, by providing them with the tools, knowledge and expertise needed in order to thrive during their education.”



“Our vision is to unite international students in a wide community network where all their wishes regarding academic excellence, career success, social life and personal well-being are fully satisfied.”


Core Values


We know what’s best for you because we have access to the most reliable information about education.


We don’t just provide student services. We build a supportive community that helps you grow.


We only thrive because we work together. Our network of partners ensures our students’ success.


We only want the best for our students, that’s why we keep working on continuous improvement.


We are committed and dedicated to offering a lifetime of opportunities for success to our students planning to study abroad, or in their home countries.


We are driven by innovation, stay at the forefront of new ideas and dig deeper into our creativity.

How Did It All Start?

Genie Consulting started as an idea of some students from UCLA. When we were applying to universities, we saw that it was extremely difficult to get the right information about college applications, student housing and academic matters. It took us months, and in some cases, years of research, headaches and trial-and-error to get ready to study abroad. But finally, we made it. We became international students in the US.

What’s The REAL Problem?

The real problem was that there was no organization that could help international students with all their student needs. There were some admissions consulting companies, but all they were doing was assist students with the college application process. When it came to student housing (on-campus and off-campus), transportation, student jobs, cultural adaptation and other issues, students were often left alone, without anybody to go to for support.

And So, Genie Consulting Was Born…

Our full-service approach offers international students complete education solutions that make it extremely easy and convenient for them to succeed during their stay in the U.S. Genie’s support and guidance throughout the entire college journey has proved to be the formula to academic success and life fulfillment long after college.

With Us You Can THRIVE!

At Genie Consulting, we take our students’ success very seriously. As their second family and home in the U.S, we want to make sure that all their needs and wants are fulfilled. This approach is reflected in our community culture, which is built on the basis of learning, genuine care and support.