Our Solutions

Full-Service Approach

We guide prospective students every step of the way. Starting from college preparation, application process and admission, to the VISA application and transportation, to finding the perfect place to stay and getting used to the social and academic life, Genie Consulting will be with you through it all!

Initial Admissions Support

Getting accepted in your dream U.S college is made easy with Genie Consulting. We make sure that your portfolio with application documents is carefully tailored for success.

Once we achieve the main goal of getting you accepted in a university, we guide you through the VISA application process and help you find the housing option best-suited for your needs and wants.

Housing & Transportation

Finding the perfect place to stay is not a hassle with Genie Consulting. Not only do we help you find accommodation venues with a perfect combination between price and value, but we also furnish it according to your style and taste. 

What’s more, we even help you arrange your traveling plans by finding the fastest, most convenient and most secure transportation options from your home country to your new student house. With us, you get everything you need served in a golden plate!

Academic Support

Worried about your academic performance and social life once you start your studies? Don’t despair! Genie Consulting got your back. We will help you achieve academic excellence through our tutoring programs and will support you in every step of your educational experience.

Our people care about your network too, that’s why we organize regular student gatherings, so you can get to know other international students and become part of our happy community.

Personal & Social Support

Having a hard time adapting to the new culture and environment? Feeling like you don’t fit in? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone in the beginning. Genie Consulting knows what you’re going through and is here to take care of your well-being.

Our counselors and psychologists are specialized in an array of fields in order to solve your problems and provide you with the guidance and support you need to feel happy and motivated.

Financial Support

Finances shouldn’t stress you at all, because Genie Consulting will make sure you get the best financing opportunities for your education. We will help you select the most suitable scholarships, grants and financial aid options and will guide you all the way through the application process.

Finding the job you desire is made easy with Genie Consulting. Whether it’s a seasonal job, a full-time job or an internship, we will make sure your motivation and hard work are rewarded properly.