Make Your College Application Stand Out In 9 Shockingly Single Steps

Have you been thinking about your college application? Well, you have come to the perfect place. You have probably been wondering about many different things when thinking about that application, such as where do I start, what qualities do I focus on or how do I make myself stand out?

Now, of course, the criteria on which your college application will be evaluated differs from college to college. An excellent application displays your appeal to the college, your adroitness, and what you have to offer as an arriving student. To get a better and more in-depth idea of what to do to make you application stick out noticeably, glance at these 9 tips. Dig in and take the best of it to assist you in your application.

1. Choose Classes Wisely in High-School

College Application Tip Nr. 1

It should not come much as a shock that your class’ choice in high school will turn out to be crucial in getting admissions officers to acquire more knowledge about your high school background. Colleges find interest in the choice of classes and their connection to your area of interest for your chosen major. Although many other factors play a role in the college application process, majority of colleges will take a closer look at this one.

It should not come much as a shock that the choices of your classes in high school will turn out to be crucial in getting admissions officers to acquire more knowledge about your high school background. Colleges find interest in the choice of classes and their connection to your area of interest for your chosen major. Although many other factors play a role in the admission process, the majority of colleges will take a closer look at this one.

You must be thinking about the meaning of this in your high school life. Well, during your first two years of school you should start planning for your 4-year journey. What are the subjects that spark a bigger interest in you? What can you combine that with? How can all of this help you discover what direction you want to go in? I have the answer to all your questions, however, you might not enjoy it much. It is all in where you see yourself in 10 years. This is not to pressure you into finding the answer now. However, all of these choices that you should make now will help you further on, with your college application and with a choice that will decide your future.

“Strive to be significant and pragmatic”

Colleges want to see that you are firm about your choices, ambitious for your future, and invested in your today. Choosing the path you want for your career is not necessary for such early stages, however the more inclined you are, the better.

2. Show the True Colors of Your Story

College Application Tip Nr. 2

Each day in your life is another page in a book. Even though, these are only the first few chapters, the most fascinating part of any book is its beginning if you use your creativity well enough. Your mindset from today on everything has been built up by all of those memories in every pages of your book, whether good or bad. The admission officer wants to know everything about you, from how your life has been to what motivates you. They are interested in seeing what you did in high school, how the experiences you chose to go through built you as an individual. It intrigues them to discover your way of overcoming challenges that surfaced in your journey.

“Make your reader’s life easier”

The reader doesn’t want to know only about the surface of your story. They want you to skip the superficial, impersonal and general essay and dig into your emotions and personal memories. You should focus on writing about explicit times in your life, such as the time you maybe changed schools, the time you made friends out of a peculiar person or the first time you left home and experienced homesickness. All these moments are pieces of your life that are real, that portray who you truly are. Such an essay will be perceived as getting inside your stories and seeing how you were and what you have become because of all of those moments.
Most probably the question about when you can flaunt your achievements, amazing grades and work experience. All of the latter can be displayed in your resume.

3. Add Extracurricular Activities

College Application Tip Nr. 3

Admissions officers seek students with peculiar mindsets of the world that surrounds them. They prefer to see your initiative, your independent thinking and originality. To occupy these qualities, it is essential to participate in activities apart from what might usually be expected.

Many students do not really get the opportunity on a silver platter under the age of 20 – ironically by the time they are in college.  Getting a head start on individual enhancement can be a crucial prompt when dealing with applications to colleges that you like.

A helping factor to your application is your genuine inquisitiveness about your courses in high school by taking part in projects and papers relevant to your interests. Many things can contribute in the broadening of your knowledge, such as associating yourself in class discussions and even contemplating over topics with you teacher after school.

“The main thing is to love what you do”

Dedicating time and effort to activities that spark interest in you and that you relish doing makes it easier for you to write about your experience and your growth as an individual. This is the best way to show a few of your most favorable attributes to admissions officers.
The main thing to take from this is that the activities you involve yourself in should be something you genuinely have enthusiasm for. Do not just take part in things that you chose to do for the simple reason that you have to. Explore your interests, passions and hobbies and find a way to delve more into those and participate in activities related to them.
Your uniqueness plays a very important role in this part of your college application. Colleges seek to see originality and involvement in several different activities and in the variety and mixture of your choices. This way they get to know you and areas you are fond of even more.

4. Invest Some Time in Your Social Media Appearance

College Application Tip Nr. 4

Nowadays social media is one of the most used tools in finding out more about a person. Although it would take time for the admission recruiters to investigate every possible soon-to-be student’s activity in social media, it is taking the form of a prevalent selection tool. In the case when a college is on the verge of accepting you as an incoming (international )student, posts that display dubious character and reasoning are not going to attribute in your favor.

Invest part of your time to examine every single social media account you have and filter any unconscionable obscenity, probable offensive posts, and personal drama. Construct your profiles to portray different interests and world news. Always keep in mind to emphasize your most effective experiences such as volunteering and trips.

5. Get Acquainted Better With Your School

College Application Tip Nr. 5

An unexpectable amount of newly arrived students are acquainted very little with their college. However, neglecting this single step is a big mistake in your college application. In the same way that you would investigate the background of a future employee, informing yourself on the school you want to attend will attribute to your benefit. Research their history, morals, and mission statement. Find out the number of students enrolled and the names of the main faculty members.
Contact a particular faculty member, that sparked an interest, and interact with them. This will lead to a possible engagement on your part in dropping names when completing your college application.

6. Be an Early Applicant and Pursue the Application Instructions for the Letter

College Application Tip Nr. 6

Being an early applicant in the fall for the colleges that you choose will place your application in the eyes of recruiters faster and make your project, so take care that you submit your documents as early as possible.
Recognize yourself a considerable time to finish your complete college application and reassure that you revise is multiple occasions for syntax and grammatical errors. Constrain yourself to the word count limits. Evade submitting any extra documents unless the college specifically asked for them.

7. Don’t Try to Over-Sell Yourself Just For Your College Application

College Application Tip Nr. 7

Many students opt for overdoing their achievements, and when referring to your college application, it may be seductive to appear as remarkable as possible. This is normal, specifically if the candidacy at your chosen college is tense. Achievements and accomplishments are very well perceived, however, honesty is far more valuable in making you notable.
It is more relevant to the admission officer to see how you have grown from your life experiences and to some extent the mistakes you have made throughout the ride. In the long run, it is more valuable to write about conquering your personal endeavors. The way your accomplishments form you are more significant than the activities on their own.

8. Make Use of Humor

College Application Tip Nr. 8

This technic is something that you should use, but to a limit, as not every person has your sense of humor and it might be conflictive. Nonetheless, if you are one of the people inclined to sarcasm and a bit of irony, sometimes including a bit of it in your writing can be useful.
There exists no such constraint as having to answer in a serious language to every writing prompt. You can write your answers in a laid-back way to include a bit of liveliness to avoid it from being a boring answer.
If it crosses your mind that your humor is not funny, ask other people to read your essay or statement and give you feedback. Inquire them to critique your work objectively and assess their reactions. After that, adjust your writing to tone down the humor to the preferred outcome. When you find the confidence in your competence to make it happen, then go for it. Just keep in mind that for certain people, even the admission officer, humor is a seized preference. If you are ever in contemplation, skip it.

9. Add Complementary Materials

College Application Tip Nr. 9

Colleges differ from each other when it comes to complementary materials, thus, be aware to check the policies and practices for each school before you apply. In the case that they recognize them, they can be an outstanding method to display an accomplishment that would be impassable to do on the application. A few examples of complementary documents include:
• Research Papers
• Short Films
• Portfolios
• Dance Videos
• Videos demonstrating your skills in some sport
• and so many more
Even though some admissions offices put more relevance on things such as test scores or your essay, sometimes additional files might be useful. Simply do not overdo it.
The instructions regarding the suitable file formats, the number of materials, and the submission method are usually written on the website of the college. There is a chance of a fee being included. You do not get any materials back from your college application, so make sure to not send originals. In case of any doubts, contact a college counselor to assist you in navigating through the procedure.

Achieving to realize your college application to be remarkable out of the college application sent is not an easy job. If you keep these 9 steps in mind when completing it, you will make it to the top of the applications that they receive. Do not forget that many students do not invest this much time in the completion of such steps for their application. Thus, you will be somewhat advanced in comparison to them. Whether it is even just some of the steps, you will by now be ahead of the game.

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