College Admissions Consulting

​Everything from college matching, to essay reviewing, resume building, test and interview preparation, deadline tracking, financial aid applications, college visit assistance, etc.

Housing & Furnishing

Finding the best housing option in terms of location, price, space and comfort. Furnishing and designing the apartment/studio/room according to the student’s taste in order to give them a home-feel. Arranging the appropriate spaces to promote the student’s comfort, focus, learning, relaxation, sleeping, cooking, working, etc.

Academic Tutoring

Our expert subject tutors help students achieve academic excellence in the subjects they struggle with the most. They also assist students in picking the most ideal courses during the course selection process.

Visa & Transportation

Assistance with Visa applications and travel arrangements (especially for students from countries with intricate Visa policies). Our goal is to get you to your new student home safe and sound.

Job Search & Resume Development

Make some money on the side, become self-sustaining, gain in-field experience and start paving your career paths! Whether it’s a part-time or a full-time job, a summer internship or a seasonal job, Genie Consulting helps students find the job that best fits their background, skills, interests and vision for the future. Our team helps you build your resume with valuable experiences during your college years.

Counseling Services

Supporting students psychologically, emotionally and socially through the move and adaptation to the new culture, society and lifestyle. We offer coaching and counseling on life spheres such as Health and Fitness, Happiness & Fulfillment, Social Relations, Love and Dating, Career and Finances, Time Management and Productivity, etc.

College Admissions Consulting Services

Initial Interview

This session is to get to know you better. We’ll understand your background and personality. We’ll assess your personal needs, as well as academic and social wants. Then, based on your needs, interests and personality, we’ll match you with academic tutors and student advisors. Lastly, we’ll explore study abroad programs and develop your study plan.

Resume Review

We’ll review high school transcripts, test scores, extracurricular activities and other accomplishments. We’ll help you pick your best experiences, skills, achievements and hobbies to include in your resume. Then, we’ll consult you on student activities and programs you should pursue, in order to become more competent among the pool of applicants.

College Matching

We’ll select college institutions based on a personalized assessment of your academic results, extracurricular activities, skills, personal vision, the institution’s acceptance criteria, etc. Our insider knowledge helps students avoid applying to too many low-probability “reach” schools and not enough high-probability “safety” schools and medium-probability “target” schools.

College Visit Assistance

We’ll assist you and your parents in arranging college visits at the most convenient time for you. We’ll keep you informed about university open houses and consult you on how to make the most of your college visits. We’ll even arrange the transportation and accommodation for you and your parents, and we’ll guide you all the way throughyour college visits.

Test Preparation

We’ll provide expert tutoring in English language and math to prepare you to excel when taking tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, SATs, ACTs or GMAT. If you’ll need to take acceptance tests in other subjects as well, we’ll offer tutoring for biology, physics, chemistry, law, economics, business, politics, psychology and a bunch of other subjects.

Essay Review

We’ll provide a comprehensive guide on how to choose topics and develop relevant content to ensure that the essay reflects your unique skills, personality and motivation. We’ll consult you on essay development and provide essay revisions until excellence is achieved. We’ll also help you pick the right professors and professionals from whom to get recommendation letters.

Interview Preparation

We’ll help you ace your college interview. Our team will work closely with you to help you develop communication skills and teach you how to properly represent yourself in a college interview. We’ll organize mock interviews and provide you with strategies on how to approach questions. We’ll help you build a strong mindset, motivation and self-confidence.


Planning & Organizing

We’ll take off your shoulders one of the biggest hassles of college application, namely, student financing. We’ll provide student financial planning and loan consulting to help you secure financial aid, scholarships, grants and loans. We’ll also help by organizing your documents, tracking deadlines, helping you with time-management and organizing your workflow.