The 7 Best Tuition-FREE Universities (Number 1 Will Surprise You)

Being a student can be very expensive! Many privileged students can afford the best universities and student services, but most students cannot!

This guide will help all the students who cannot afford high tuition fees or any student career services.

(We have gathered data from multiple reputable sources, analyzed the career outcomes and alumni networks, as well as countries’ standards of living – Stay tuned)

Number #7 – University of Oslo (Norway)

Top Free Universities - University of Oslo
University of Oslo – Top Free Universities

The University of Oslo is one of the most reputable universities to enroll in Europe. It has 5 Nobel Prize Laureates, extensive research output and has one of the best student services in the world (assisting with employment, career outlook, student financial planning and advising)

You could also work as a student up to 20 hours per week, assisting as a student advisor, researcher or at student career services.

Norwegian language is not mandatory to enroll, however it would help to know it, since most courses are in Norwegian!

  • The admission requirements include, but are not limited to:
  • High School Diploma (Grade above 3.00 GPA Equivalent)
  • English Proficiency
  • Norwegian (At Least A2 Level)

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Genie Consulting - Your best personal consultant to study abroad in the best universities.
Study Abroad – Student Consulting

Number #6 – National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece)

Enroll in your dream universities - For the lowest fees!
Top Free Universities – Greece

The first University, not only in Greece, but in all Mediterranean region, as well as one of the largest Universities in Europe (a student body of 125,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students). The research output is also very high, and the student networking leads all the way up to MIT.

In order to study in the best Greek University, you will need to calculate the following costs:

(Many Scholarships are offered on a merit basis)

In order to successfully pass the admission phase, there are several considerations you need to make. Here at Genie Consulting, we would recommend some of the following:

  • High School Diploma (Grade above 2.5 GPA Equivalent)
  • English Proficiency
  • Greek (At Least B1 Level) – Many Courses are solely in English

Number #5 – Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München – LMU (Germany)

Tuition FREE universities - Student Guide to study abroad from Genie Consulting
Top Free Universities – Germany

LMU is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe and in the world. 11 of its students have become Nobel Prize winners, while 45 other Nobel Laureates have been associated with LMU’s name. There are amazing career opportunities for international students who plan to study abroad – This University is one of them!

It’s amazing to think that we can attend this University for FREE!

The costs associated with attending LMU are the following:

To enroll at LMU you would need to satisfy some of the following statistics:

  • High School Diploma (Grade above 3.0 GPA Equivalent)
  • English Proficiency
  • German (At Least B1 Level)

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Study abroad for FREE! Best Universities. Genie Consulting Guide.
Best Free Universities – France

Université de Paris is France’s leading multidisciplinary university.

It offers many solutions for many disciplines such as: Arts, Humanities and Languages, Human, Economic and Social Sciences, Science and Technology and many other degrees.

As a world-renowned university, it has low acceptance rates among international students and it requires learning the French language.

The costs associated with attending University in Paris are the following:

In order to be accepted for an interview, you need to submit the following documents, with the approximate grades:

  • High School Diploma (Grade above 3.0 GPA Equivalent)
  • English Proficiency
  • French (At Least B1 Level)
  • Two Recommendations
  • Personal Statement Essay


Genie Consulting List - Study Abroad Universities.
Study Abroad – Free Universities in Germany

Heidelberg University is a research powerhouse, a massive place (> 31,000 enrollees), with alumni who are Nobel prize laureates and a medical department which is among the best in the world. The city is one of the most beautiful in Germany and the brand this school holds is internationally recognized.

Like most schools in Germany, this one too is free!

  • Check out the following statistics, which could help you get a glimpse on where you stand:
  • Tuition: Free
  • Total University Costs: ($171.75 per Semester)
  • Cost of Living in Germany: ($850 per Month)

To enroll at Heidelberg, you would need to satisfy some of the following statistics:

  • High School Diploma (Grade above 3.0 GPA Equivalent)
  • English Proficiency
  • German (At Least B1 Level)

Number #2 – The Technical University of Munich (Germany)

The Best Tuition Free Universities in Germany - TUM Tops the List of Genie Consulting Student Guide
TUM – Best Tuition Free University in Germany

The very best school in Germany, hands down, and one of the most reputable Universities worldwide. If you plan to study abroad, this is the place to be. With its excellent research, student career services, career outcomes, TUM is one of our favorite destinations for students. However, it all comes at a cost. TUM is largely known for its intense exams, hard to grasp curriculum and demanding research.

The costs are similarly low, as in all German Universities:

Compared to all the above-mentioned Universities, TUM is the hardest to enter to. However, it is not impossible and here are some of the stats we would recommend to all future applicants:

• High School Diploma (Grade above 3.5 GPA Equivalent)
• English Proficiency
• German (At Least B1 Level) – Even though some courses are solely in English
• Strong Extracurricular Activities
• Two – Three Recommendation Letters

Number #1 – The University of People – Online

Best Tuition-Free University - Genie Consulting Guide. University of People
Best Tuition Free University – University of People

The world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited, Online US University. No matter where you are from you can attend UoP online at no costs at all!

These are the following requirements for almost all the Bachelor programs:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Be able to demonstrate high school completion
  • Have English proficiency

Despite being free, this University is recognized by some of the best brands (Amazon, Microsoft, HP, etc.) and the degree holds value even when applying in Top Tier Schools like UC Berkeley.

What is the University of your choice? Which one did you like the most, and why? What country would you consider for future studies?

Comment, Share and Spread the Love! – Genie Team

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