The Most Important Thing You Need to Know Before Applying (College Admissions 2021)!

You know it’s time to apply for college, but you don’t know where to start? Getting overwhelmed by the extensive research and information about academia, majors, classes, tuition, campus life, clubs, housing, athletics?

College admissions are more stressful than ever in 2021!

College Admission 2021 Guide
College Admissions 2021

Don’t worry, it happens to almost everybody.

While you may be thinking that research is the most important thing to do before college admissions, it is not! It actually is not that important at all, considering that nowadays there are multiple college admissions consultants, that can do the research for you. College admissions consulting companies such as Genie Consulting help students every step of the way, from research, to application, to finding housing and much more than that.

However, there’s one thing that college admissions consultants cannot do without the students’ willingness to help. This is the process of evaluating performance, talent and character. It is very important for students to know where they stand in terms of their potential, talent, skills and experience before actually researching universities and filling out application forms. Knowing the past and present situation of a student can help a lot in choosing the perfectly fit universities to apply to.

For this, students can create a map. Doing this is a process that requires active participation from the student, so that key strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth can be spotted and an action plan can be developed. During this process, students should identify their strongest and weakest personality traits and see how they have previously applied them or may apply them to a specific field of studies. Second, students should recollect their most impacting experiences and the skills or knowledge they have developed following these experiences. Third, students should brainstorm about their future dreams, goals, vision and purpose. Finally, they should identify opportunities for growth based on their character strengths and weaknesses, their skills and knowledge, as well as their future dreams, goals, vision and purpose.

Doing this will give a lot of clarity and self-determination to prospective students. They will become more aware about their present situation and how they came to that point, which will consequently make them more determined about the path they want to follow in the future. They will be better equipped to decide where they want to study, what they want to study and who they want to become.

It’s not a process, but it’s a journey. The journey of your life (which will transform you and your ideas for your education). We have compiled a guide to why we believe most students actually even fail to accomplish their dream (of entering their dream university)

From there on, the college application process becomes much easier and stress-free. The student will be more concentrated during the research process and he/she will know exactly what to look for in a university. In addition, the student will know what he/she will need to do in order to better qualify for a certain university. Motivation letters and essays will become easier to write too. All of this because the student will have better inside knowledge about him/herself.

Try to be as original as possible, while maintaining the scope of your accomplishments. Its important to instill authority mixed with creative writing and thinking. Be as simple as possible to express your points.

The advice you should take away from this blog is that you shouldn’t start doing external research if you haven’t even done the necessary internal research about yourself. Once you have consolidated your own map and compass, only then can you start looking for educational opportunities out there in the world.

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