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Study Abroad In Top U.S Colleges and International Universities with Genie Consulting

What We Do

Genie Consulting is the most innovative educational consulting company that offers integrated solutions for international students in the United States, Canada and Europe. Our full-service approach to university education makes it easy and convenient for any aspiring student to study abroad and pursue their dream education.

Why Work With Us?

International Student Solutions

College Admissions Consulting

World-class tutors and consultants will help you get accepted into your dream university

Housing & Furnishing

Our team will find student housing options and furnish your house to make it your home

Visa & Transportation

Our logistics team will help with transportation and visa documents needed to study abroad

Academic Tutoring

Enhance your academic performance, score a high GPA and stay on top of your class rank

Job Search & Resume Development

Build your resume with extracurricular activities, get a student job and find your career path

Counseling Services

Our professional assistance will help minimize the culture shock for international students planning to study abroad

What Our Students Say